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We are a manufacturer of the DEZUS disinfection system. New technologies enable a significant expansion of the functionality of UV radiation sources using an LED chip. Knowledge about the functioning of UV radiation in everyday space allows us to develop products with timeless functionality.

Dezus system

Our DEZUS disinfection system uses an LED source of UV-A radiation and in combination with the nanotechnology of the functional FN® coating to clean the air from odors, eliminate dangerous pathogens, fungi, viruses, mite excrement and allergens that burden the human immune system.

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Inline UV-A

Industrial UV-A


We offer

Řešení na míru

Customized solutions

Based on your needs, we will help with the preparation of project parameters and its elaboration.

Kvalita provedení

Project elaboration

Our own development laboratory, together with the extreme emphasis on detail, ensures that standards are met even in the most extreme conditions.

Možnost revitalizace

Possibility of revitalization

Replacement of active technological parts for extended service life, warranty and reduction of carbon footprint.

Support team

Support team

We will guide you through the preparation and implementation of your investment



We are an innovative company which, thanks to the applied development of LED technologies in the UV band, develops, among other UV sources, radiation for direct disinfection of surfaces without the use of chemicals, which has long been known and used, but current technical knowledge and possibilities are not used in this area. By combining LED sources of UV-A and UV-C radiation, germicidal effects can be achieved with fast and efficient sterilization of surfaces from bacteria and viruses (DNA / RNA)

Our advantage is the long-term cooperation with world leaders in the field of industrial LED technology and electronics. Our goal is to find a solution for direct treatment of surfaces with UV radiation, for example in public transport vehicles, ambulances, but also in passenger cars.


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